who we are

Tony and Donna McGuire, the dynamic duo behind USA and Beyond Travel, bring a wealth of travel experience and a dedication to staying ahead of the curve in the ever-changing world of travel. Partnering with seasoned travel experts boasting nearly three decades in the field, they meticulously plan everything from unforgettable vacations—whether on land or at sea—to destination weddings, romantic getaways, and seamless business trips.

Their collaboration has fostered strong relationships with top-tier cruise lines, hotel chains, and tour operators, granting access to exclusive offers and perks unmatched elsewhere, even online. If you stumble upon a lower rate on the web, let them verify to ensure an apples-to-apples comparison. While they may not always beat the price, their unparalleled personal service is truly priceless.

You might question the need for a travel advisor when online booking is an option. But think about who you’ll turn to if your hotel reservation goes missing upon arrival or if your midnight flight gets canceled. These are just glimpses of the invaluable assistance Tony and Donna provide.

For business clients facing sudden travel demands amidst personal responsibilities, simply provide your details, and they’ll handle the logistics, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

Their mission is to choreograph your journey seamlessly, allowing you to savor every moment without worrying about the details.

With their expertise and industry connections, they craft extraordinary travel experiences tailored to each client, elevating your adventures and creating lasting memories.

No matter your dream destination or travel aspirations, Tony and Donna have you covered. Reach out today and entrust your travel plans to them. Leave the rest to their capable hands.

"Today's special moments are tomorrow's memories."
Robin Williams