Evalyn Wall

Our agent Donna McGuire has so much knowledge about every place we went to. We went snorkeling in the reefs, swam in luminesent waters that made you feel like you were in Tinkerbell land, traveled Old San Juan which was amazing. Then we went to the Bacardi factory and learned the history of how it became which was so awesome. We then got to ride ATV's thru the rain forest and get covered in mud.. They say if you dont come back muddy you didnt have fun which I find totally true.. Then to finish it off we zip lined thru the forest which was the highlite to our vacation. You are not alive till you pass thru the air at 50 miles an hour hanging from cables. I cannot say enough about my vacation in Puerto Rico. The island is alive and one of the most beautiful places I have been to.. I highly recommed her and will enjoy many more vations planned for me and my family thru her guidance.. Love you and will forever hold you in my heart.

Kathy Mack

I have had the most amazing vacation of my life when we booked with Donna McGuire of USA and Beyond Travel, LLC I will never trust my trip planning to anyone else. So many events were planned during our 10 day stay in Puerto Rico, and everything went like clockwork. Bravo Donna for all the wonderful memories you and Tony McGuire have given me. I can't wait until our next vacation!