Travel Guidance - Domestic/International

The owner of USA and Beyond Travel, LLC, Donna McGuire, has not only traveled, but also continually takes professional development to stay up to date on the ever-changing travel opportunities. She has chosen to partner with one of the leading travel experts who have been assisting travelers for nearly 30 years, planning every detail of unforgettable vacations and seamless business trips to perfection.

Personalized approach

Itinerary Planning

By our partnership we also have established relationships with the travel industry’s best cruise lines, hotel chains and tour providers, enabling us to provide special offers and amenities you will not find anywhere else—even online. If you find a cheaper price online, let her check to make sure you are receiving “apples to apples” price quotes.

Exceeding expectations

Travel Consultation

Often we are asked “Why do I need a travel advisor? Can’t I just do it online?” Of course, you can! But think — Who are you going to call while you are on your trip and you arrive at the hotel to be told you do not have a room reservation? You KNOW you booked it online. Or are you going to wake up and get your Disney special dining events reserved at 5:00 AM CST 180 days prior to your trip? Those are just some examples of what we will do for you.

Everything you need

Personal Attention

For our business friends – you get the last-minute call that you must travel in 24 hours or less — you have a home, family and/or pet to take care of — just give us a call with your information and let us take care of your travel plan.

Uniquely you